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 wire processing &

Wire Harnesses

- high speed -

 - 24/7 capability -

- small lot to high volume - 

  • 7 fully automated Komax™ 333 wire processing machines.

  • 3 automated Komax™ 110 bench-top machines.

  • 1 new fully automated Komax™ 263s wire processing machine.

  • 2 high-speed Kodera™ wire processing machines capable of producing 7,000 wpm.

  • 1 new fully automated Schleuniger™ 36s wire processing machine for rubber seals.

  • All machines capable of both single and double end terminations.

  • Sophisticated crimp force monitors for exacting crimps.

  • Wire processing available on a continuous 24 hour / 3 shift schedule.

  • Wire gauges from 12g to 26g.

At Judco, we take wire processing seriously.  Our department processes up to 2.5 million wires monthly and is equipped with Komax™, Kodera™, and Schleuniger™ machines.  Our machines are engineered to the highest standard and can produce quality cut, stripped, and terminated wires at up to 7,000 pieces per hour. 
Crimping Capabilities.jpg

Let us quote your small lot or high volume production runs.  Our fully automated machines can save you substantial labor dollars over manual wire processing operations.  

Machine capabilities and specifications:


Fast, durable, versatile

The Gamma line of wire processing machines are German designed for one and two-sided crimping and for one-sided seal insertion. The cross section range extends from 0.13 mm² to 2.5 mm².  4 mm² is also available as an option. Sequential processing can be started fast and easily via TopWin user interface.


Gentle cable handling

The new belt drive plus the reliable swivel system with optional hold-up device and a stainless steel tipping tray enable the careful and best possible processing of your cable material.


Programmable servo drives

The entire cross section area is processed reliably with programmable, highly dynamic AC servo drives. A second integrated encoder ensures maximum length and repeat accuracy for stripping and wire length.


Compact, user friendly design

The Gamma 263 S is readily accessible from all sides. With the quick opening function for the cover, operators can access the processing modules with speed and ease at any time.


Crimp Force Monitor

The load cell, which is installed in the ram of the crimping unit, measures the precise crimping force for every terminal crimping. Since an encoder is used to control all the angles, measurement timing does not change regardless of voltage fluctuation.


Crimp Force (Crimp Height) Automatic Setting.

Crimp quality is controlled by the crimp height. Since crimp force is related to the crimp height, the C511SZe automatically adjusts the crimp force (crimp height), when the crimp force value is specified. Settings can be saved in memory function.

Easy Operation with the Graphical Screen

The large scale LCD touch panel provides graphic instructions for operation. The screen is designed for the operator's ease of use.


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