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contract manufacturing

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Are you currently looking to cut your labor costs or move your assembly operations from the volatile and unpredictable China region?


Our U.S. owned and managed manufacturing facility in Baja California, Mexico is just 10 minutes from the U.S. border, 2 hours from San Diego International Airport and operates in the Pacific Time Zone, making communication extremely easy.  Our labor costs compare favorably to China and other offshore locations without the added freight costs and long lead times.  We offer quick turn-around by truck or air.  We are set up to handle small lots as well as large volumes in our IATF-16949 certified plant.  The Mexico plant is run with a fully integrated ERP system, linked to our main factory in Los Angeles.  We specialize in “design to manufacture” services that include engineering design, prototyping, product assembly, complete product traceability and meticulous quality control.  We can handle final assembly of your components as well as value added services such as PCB stuffing, testing, special packaging / labeling or drop shipping direct to your customer.  Here are just a few of our capabilities in Mexico and our main factory in Los Angeles:


  • Final Product Assembly

  • Cut/Strip/Terminate Wires

  • Injection Molding

  • Machine Design

  • Engineering Design

  • Electrical Assembly

  • Wire Harnesses

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Machining



Our production staff in Mexico has extensive experience in assembly, packing, quality control and inventory management.  Mexico also offers the advantage of free trade which eliminates most duties and tariffs on your shipments to and from our factory.   

Mexicali Staff
Mexicali Manufacturing Facility
Mexicali Production Operator

We would like the opportunity to talk about your labor costs and what Judco might be able to offer your company.  We welcome the chance to quote one of your current jobs to see how competitive we can be. 


Contact us direct at (310) 534-0959. 

We look forward to the chance to save you time and money.

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