slide switches

Judco slide switches are a proven and durable option for your switching needs.  They are perfect choice for home appliances, power tools, lighting, electronic games and a multitude of other applications.  We have 7 different button designs to fit your product.  We can also custom design a unique slide switch with the functions you require.

JMI Small Slide Switch
Wires with terminals, multiple functions
Medium Slide Switch
Appliance and power tool applications.
Large Slide Switch
3-4 positions, multiple functions


  • Easy solder terminals, PCB mount, or custom wires and connectors

  • High quality, long life, and low cost 

  • Multiple actuations and electrical functions 

  • Rivet, screw down, and other mounting options

  • Engineering grade plastics and metals

switch configurations

  • On-Off (2-position) 

  • On-On (2-position)

  • Momentary On (2-position)

  • Center Off (3-position)

  • Momentary on (3-position)

  • 4, 5, 6 position available with various functions


  • Consumer Electronics

  • Appliances

  • Computers

  • Emergency Lights

  • Power Tools

  • Consumer Lighting


  • Moisture Resistant Models

  • UL & CSA Recognized

  • Contact factory for actuation force and cycle life specification

product line/functions

Slide Switches

JS-999 Series


2 position

Function:  SPST On-Off

Rating:  14VDC 2A

Available with and without mounting tabs


2 position

Function:  SPST, SPDT, DPDT

Rating:  125VAC/6A  -  250VAC/3A 

UL & CSA Recognized

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3 position

Function:  SP3T, DP3T

Rating:  125VAC/6A  -  250VAC/3A 

UL & CSA Recognized


4 position

Function:  SP4T, DP4T

Rating:  125VAC/6A  -  250VAC/3A 

UL & CSA Recognized

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