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3 Button
Headlamp Switch
3 pushbuttons
Paddle Shifter w/ Audio Controller
Mirror Control - Color
Window Switches
PCB Keypad Switches
Horn Plate with Pushbutton harness
Backlit Interior Push Switches
Paddle Switches

Push switches

  • Illuminated

  • Laser Etched Buttons

  • Smart Technology

  • Multiple Configurations

  • Custom Connectors

  • Wire Leads

  • Quiet Actuation

  • Adjustable Push Force

Paddle Shifters

  • Chrome Plated

  • Multiple Finishes Available

  • Audio Controls

  • Smart Technology

  • Custom Paddle Designs

  • Wire Leads With Connectors

  • Adjustable Push Force

Conveniently located in the hub of the automotive industry, Judco’s automotive facility and personnel are within easy reach of the design centers that decide the future of the industry.  Judco is there to be an important part of that future with unique designs, creative ideas, and cost saving approaches.  At Judco’s automotive division, we go a step beyond selling a product, we listen and deliver what you want. 

Our offices have design engineers on staff, sales engineers to interact with your company’s decision makers, and customer service expediters with full electronic data interchange capabilities to get you out of trouble in case of last minute order changes.  We are strategically located and on call to meet with you, at your convenience, at your facility, at any time.

Rocker & multi button

  • Keypad Actuation

  • Back-Lit

  • Fade In and/or Fade out

  • Adjustable Push Force

  • Custom Graphics

  • Male or Female Connectors

  • Examples

    • Sunroof Switches​

    • Trunk Release

    • Slider Doors

    • Overhead Console Lighting

    • Seat Fore/Aft

    • Lumbar Support

    • Cruise Control

Interior Controls

  • Window Switch Module w/Child Lock

  • Headlamp controller w/Fade Feature

  • Exterior Mirror Controller

  • Stop/Start Switch

  • Hazard Switch

Judco Manufacturing Locations Map
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