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judco manufacturing

established 1972

Judco Manufacturing Los Angeles

          Judco Manufacturing, Inc. was started when its founder created a durable, inexpensive and simplistically designed push button switch in 1972.  That first switch design, with its unique patented features, launched the company into a niche market that expanded beyond its first sale for a flashlight application into multiple consumer uses.  Judco was truly a startup company funded with a very small investment and an abundance of enthusiasm and determination.


            Judco officially opened its doors in January 1975 after receiving a significant order from Rayovac, worldwide manufacturer of flashlights.  Rayovac had been searching for a reliable, low cost switch for its flashlights, and the economical, yet highly durable, Judco product fit their needs precisely.


            Judco, having no factory at the time, began deliveries of switches that were made locally by a small jewelry manufacturing company from parts outsourced to other specialized fabricators.  Shortly thereafter, Judco hired its first employees to produce switches in order to keep up with production requirements.  This original facility, consisting of an office of approximately 500 square feet, grew to 2000 square feet within the first year.  A short time later all manufacturing assembly was being done in-house including injection molding and wire processing.


            Judco’s mission has always been to provide high quality products at low prices, with a commitment to fast delivery, and the ability to modify its basic switches to accommodate customers’ unique requirements.  From this small manufacturing facility it supplied major OEM markets such as: flashlights, computers, appliances, emergency lights, and a multitude of consumer products. 


            In 1978 Judco’s unique, compact switch caught the eye of an

engineer in the automotive industry.  It was then mated to interior map

lamps and reading light units that were beginning to proliferate in the

automobile industry.  Judco’s willingness to custom design its basic

switch for engineers and designers requirements was the key to

increased sales. This also necessitated increases in manufacturing

capabilities. Plant size progressively grew from 2000, to 4000, to

16,000 to the current 40,000 square feet.


            During this growth period, Judco expanded its product line by producing separate lines of durable and efficient rocker switches, and slide switches.  It began to specialize in custom designed switches to more fully meet its customers' requirements.  It also began to offer “Value Added Services” such as wire harnesses (both the “Pig Tail” and large truck variety), pad printing, custom molding, assembly, and a consumer products division.


            Over the years Judco made successful facility moves in order to increase production capacity.  In order to handle specific customer requirements, we have established factories in Mexico, Arizona and Honduras.  Our current main facility, located in Los Angeles, CA., consists of over 40,000 square feet and houses all phases of the manufacturing process, as well as design and marketing functions. Included is a full service machine shop, molding facility, wire processing unit, auto/UL/CSA approved test lab, and quality control in addition to the already firmly established assembly division. Customers frequently visit the facility to view the in-house design, manufacturing, and shipping capabilities.  The full service design and engineering team spends much of their day working closely with customers to produce custom designed switches and modifications to proprietary switches to meet specialized needs.  We also have a 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Baja California, Mexico.  This facility is staffed with 300+ highly trained operators and technicians and produces final assemblies as well as quality control services.  Both manufacturing plants are IATF-16949 certified and automotive approved.

Pushbutton Switches
Judco Mexicali, Mexico



            For over 50 years, Judco has listened to its customers by adding services and facilities as their needs change.  As the automotive business started to increase, Judco responded with an exclusive design engineering and marketing facility in Detroit, Michigan.  This division has proven to be invaluable to the automotive engineers responsible for electric switches and components.  They can now work directly with our sales engineers who are constantly at the customer site to problem solve and develop unique applications without leaving their offices.  It has also enabled Judco to respond instantly to the changing needs of the dynamic automotive industry.  


            Judco has continued to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the automotive, appliance, outdoor, and consumer product industries.  Whether in the line of proprietary switches, consumer products, or custom made applications built to customer specifications, Judco will continue to answer the challenge.

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Celebrating 50 years in business

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