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heat shrink processing machines

Focus Lite™ Heat Shrink Processing Machines

The Focus-Lite™ is the quick, efficient way to shrink all types of heat shrink tubing. For use on all types of wire harnesses, crimps and splices. Shrinks in a fraction of the time of traditional heat guns. Choose from 1", 3", 8", & 16" Shrink lengths.  Shrink time is the same for all lengths.  See the graph below for an average cost savings based on 10,000 harnesses/shrink operations per week or click on the Cost Savings link below for your specific savings.

focus-lite™ models

Focus Lite™ FL-30
Focus Lite™ FL-30
Focus Lite™ FL-80
Focus Lite™ FL-160
Focus Lite™ FLG2
Focus Lite™ FLG3

Focus-Lite™ FL10*  -  Effective shrink length up to 1.0" 

Focus-Lite™ FL30*  -  Effective shrink length up to 2.5"

Focus-Lite™ FL80*  -  Effective shrink length up to 8"  

Focus-Lite™ FL160* Effective shrink length up to 15.5"

FLG3 hand-held unit Effective shrink length up to 1.375"

            *All above models up to 5/8" cable diameter

Focus-Lite™ FLG2 Effective shrink length up to 3.0",
up to 1.5" cable diameter

focus-lite™ benefits

  • Less operator fatigue

  • Zero noise levels

  • Minimal heat at work station

  • Long life

  • Ends heat gun failures

  • Low maintenance 

  • Better process control

  • Consistent shrinking

  • No irregularities

  • Energy efficient

  • Instant on, no warm up needed

  • 300 watts vs. 1,560 watts (heat-gun)

  • Uses standard 120V

The Focus-Lite™, by Judco Manufacturing, Inc., is the solution to the outdated heat gun.  You can say goodbye to the high labor cost, excessive heat, and inefficiency.  The Focus-Lite™ reduces the time necessary to shrink most types of heat shrink tubing.

It also improves the process control and overall quality of your shrink operation.  Imagine the cost savings when you compare the following shrink time vs. the traditional heat gun.

Payback Graph
Focus Lite™ Comparison

Focus-Lite™ technology uses radiant energy (much like the sun) to shrink heat-shrink tubing in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. 


Here’s why it works:  Dual Quartz Halogen bulbs are focused to direct all of the usable radiant energy to the cable/wire diameter covered by shrink tube.  This allows for 10 times the average energy expended by the bulbs to be delivered to the target zone.  What you will see is an amazing difference in shrink time!


The Focus-Lite™ is equipped with an adjustable timer for repeatable shrinking, time after time.  It also has a dimmer switch that controls the power for sensitive components. 

focus-lite™ videos & Instruction Manuals

New Video
New Video
New Video
FL Instruction Manual.jpg
FLG3 Instruction Manual.jpg
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