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Judco Products

Push Button Switches  -  Automotive Switches  -  Rocker Switches  -  Slide Switches  -  Toggle Switches  -  Focus-Lite

Judco has you, the customer, in mind when we design and build our switch and harness products.  From our initial patented push button design back in 1974 to our latest smart switch technology, we continually strive to offer elements that meet your needs.  Our full line of switches includes features such as quiet actuation, over travel and pre-load, back lighting, soft push, laser etched graphics, chrome plating and a host of wire and terminal configurations.

Our Design Team of Engineers and Manufacturing Specialists would love to work with your buyers and engineers to spec in the perfect switch for your product.  All of our products are custom built with your specifications, we don't stock generic switches and expect you to make them fit.  Each purchase order is the start of a custom switch build.  Whether you need 100 pieces shipped in two weeks or your production requirements exceed 100,000 per month, we have the capability to meet your deadlines.


Click on any of the above product lines to see what design features we offer.  We can also take any existing design and custom build it to your requirement.  With our in-house designers, mold making, custom fabricators and rapid prototyping capabilities, we are only limited by your imagination.

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