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Our full service engineering design team can take your concept or idea from prototype to full production.  Just provide the details along with your specifications and let us do the rest!

Switches & Components
PushButton Switches
Rocker Switches
Slide Switches
Toggle Switches

Value Added Services
Circuit Boards
Wire Harnesses
Metal Stampings
Injection Molding

Custom Design
Switch Design
Work Stations

Key Benefits

bulletUL, CSA, and automotive certification.

bulletISO-9001:2000 Certified

bulletComplete design capabilities.

bulletAutoCAD Release 14

bulletSolidWorks 3D design.

bulletComplete machine shop for tool fabrication, jig & fixture design

bulletIn-house model making & rapid prototyping.

bulletEngineering services.



 Designing the products that meet your needs and specifications is the mission of our engineering departments at Judco's automotive division and Judco Manufacturing.  Our engineers welcome the opportunity to work from your sketches, product renderings, or CAD drawings to meet the challenges of transforming your ideas from prototypes to full production.

Product evaluation is also an integral part of Judco's engineering team.   We maintain a comprehensive laboratory facility and continually test products to assure consistent quality. 

If required, we offer products that comply with the stringent UL, CSA or automotive certification requirements.  All assembly fixtures, testing devices and most tooling changes are handled in the full service machine shop. The machines include: 1 Haas VF2 Machine Center, 2 Bridgeport 2 dimensional milling machines 2, 3Dimensional Bridgeports with XY&Z axis, 1 Haas VF1 machine center, 2 shop mills with series 1100 computer assist, fully automatic surface grinders, industrial lathes, and various other table top and floor mount machines.  

 The machine shop is able to work with all types of materials including steel, aluminum, wood & plastics. They work from simple customer sketches up to advanced 3D CAD drawings.


Call (310) 534-0959 or Fax (310) 534-9420

Automotive: (248) 624-6840

1429 West 240th Street, Harbor City, CA   90710

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